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20 December 2013

Food Allergy Placard at Supermarket--Is It Helpful?

My son noticed the sign on the nut barrel at the supermarket. The smaller print reads "If you have concerns about food allergies with this product please speak to a member of management. Thank you." You have to get fairly close to the nuts to read the sign. Does the sign really do any good? Does it somehow make you feel better?


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

It's semi helpful. We had the chestnuts at our grocery tonight too. And Jason (food allergy child) knew better than to touch them but my older son did touch them and he said "You said chestnuts were Ok". No. I said "WATER CHESTNUTS" were ok. Maybe if we had the sign no one would have touch them. Luckily we hand washed and nothing bad happened.

RPPeterson said...

Not. at. all. helpful! I think they do this just to cover their own butts if someone is allergic and gets into their displays... then they can say "but, there was a sign clearly stating..."