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07 April 2014

The Big Quack!

From the Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota:
"The Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota (FASGMN) is hosting our annual family friendly event, The Big Quack, at the Water Park of America (1700 American Boulevard E, Bloomington, MN 55425) on May 4 from 4-8 pm. Please consider sharing this fun family event with your Food Allergy Buzz constituents. It is a great way to meet other individuals with allergies as well as have a safe night out. It is also a way to support the Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota because the money raised from the event goes back into our programming, events and educational materials to help empower families affected by food allergies.
The water park will be closed to the general public and only people who have purchased tickets from FASGMN beforehand may attend. Tickets are only $15 per person, typically tickets are around $30!
This event is safe for families with food allergies in the following ways:
·         All food must be eaten in designated eating areas away from the water areas.
·         Attendees may bring in outside foods/drinks to be eaten in the designated area upstairs.
·         “Camp Many Point” food service will be open, with peanut/nut-containing foods removed.
·         Tables and chairs will be cleaned before the event.

Here is a quick link to register for the event through our website:
We appreciate your support!
Thanks again,
Jodi Schulz
Operations Director
Food Allergy Support Group MN"

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