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02 September 2014

Food Allergy Find: Peanut-Free Lofthouse Cookies

I had read that Lofthoue had begun making peanut-free frosted cookies at a new manufacturing facility and finally spotted some over the holiday weekend. On the one hand, it is exciting to see another peanut-free option at a local store. On the other hand, the two stores where I spotted them had them sitting side by side with the non-peanut free cookies. Talk about an accident waiting to happen. Although the new peanut-free cookies are labeled "peanut-free", they do look quite similar to the packages of non-peanut free cookies. This brought to mind two things:
  1. Is there any way the peanut-free labels can be put onto the non-peanut free cookies?
  2. How long will it be before someone accidentally buys and feeds the non-peanut-free cookies to an allergic individual (thinking they are the "safe" ones)? The label looks way too similar!! YIPES!
What do you think?

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