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17 February 2015

Food Allergy Friendly? Mondelez Acquisition of Enjoy Life Foods

News of Enjoy Life Food's acquisition by Mondelez spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter yesterday. Enjoy Life management placed phone calls to prominent food allergy advocates to personally inform them of the news and reassure them that trusted Enjoy Life Foods would not change its practices. Management even responded to individual tweets and posts on Facebook to assure continuity to their customers. They are a class act and always have been.

Mondelez, the former parent company of Kraft Foods, is a world leader in snack foods, and manufactures popular snacks such as Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Triscuits and Trident gum. Mondelez has played a big role in fighting GMO labeling in California and Washington state, as well as other states. Despite its use of GMOs and its opposition to GMO labeling, however, Mondelez has made a shift toward trying to focus more on healthy eating by reducing the amount of saturated fats in its products, using more whole grains, and manufacturing more 100 calorie snack packages. The press release about the purchase of Enjoy Life Foods noted that the allergen-free company fits with the recent Mondelez focus on "better for you" foods.

I hope Mondelez will knock my socks off the way Enjoy Life Foods has. I think so highly of Enjoy Life Foods. Over the last several years, Enjoy Life Foods truly has set the standard for food allergy friendly off-the-shelf snacks in the United States. Enjoy Life Foods enjoys a well-deserved, stellar reputation, and has set the bar high for other manufacturers of food allergy friendly snack foods.Congratulations to Enjoy Life Foods on their success!

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