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22 April 2015

Food Allergen Test for Tree Nuts Now Available

I spotted an article about Neogen's new tree nut test last week and have been meaning to share this info with all of you. I got a little excited reading about it, because one of the reasons we see more peanut-free foods than tree nut-free (or nut-free) foods at the grocery store is because there hasn't been a good test to verify that no tree nuts are present in a food. Over the years, companies like Maplehurst have told me that there are no tree nuts in the facility but they weren't able to test and therefore did not feel completely comfortable putting that on that label.

Now, Neogen has launched a new test that can detect 6 tree nuts within ten minutes of extraction. This is really exciting! According to the Food Quality News article, "The test helps food manufacturers in cleaning validations or verification of existing procedures to prevent cross-contamination of tree nuts within manufacturing facilities."

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