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14 April 2017

Food Allergy Consumer Tip Fridays: SmartLabel

Happy Friday!!! Here is our food allergy consumer tip for the week: http://www.smartlabel.org/
I am still getting to know SmartLabel but this sounds like a great tool, not limited by specific food allergies. You can use it via a variety of mediums: phone scanning, website, 1-800 number, and certain apps.
I heard about a year or so ago but paid no attention until someone pointed it out in one or two food allergy groups I am in. They noticed SmartLabel provides information about ingredients AND information about shared facilities. Of course, companies are not required to provide info about shared facilities, so that info is not guaranteed to be provided but if a company is willing to go that extra step and include that info there (but not on their label!), you may find it there.
Another thing I like about this site is that it is a "living document", constantly being updated. You don't have to check a list and make sure it hasn't expired. The information on SmartLabel is constantly changing.
A number of major food companies use SmartLabel and it is expected that about 70% of food manufacturers will in the next year or so! This could be a huge help for people managing food allergies!
Please take a moment and check it out!:)
Also a big thanks goes out to whoever that smart food allergy mom was who shared this recently. (I can't find that post!)

Not an ad. Just sharing food allergy #teal love. :)

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