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19 May 2017

Food Allergy Consumer Tip Fridays: New Products from A & J Bakery

If you haven't visited A & J Bakery's website recently, you really should take a moment to see what's new. A&J Bakery is an allergy friendly baskery that is dedicated peanut, nut and gluten free and also makes many top-8 free desserts and other foods. Based in Rhode Island, they were also the first bakery in the United States--to my knowledge--to make a top 8 free (and more!) gingerbread house kit for Christmas, which has become quite popular over the last several years.  

I recently had the good fortune of trying two new products from A&J Bakery which I don't think you'll easily find elsewhere--top 8-free "thin mints" and top 8-free wine biscuits. That's right, they are free of all the top 8 allergens as determined by the FDA as well as gluten. I also spotted pepper biscuits and other treats on their Facebook page. A visit to A&J's Facebook page is almost as good as going to the bakery and peering through the glass case at all the goodies. 

Not familiar with wine biscuits? They are an Italian specialty cookie, which is a favorite in many Italian-American families in Rhode Island. I had never tried wine biscuits before! They are sweet wine flavored cookies, have a purplish color from the red wine they contain, and are twisted into a sort of ring-shape. And the allergy friendly thinmints were incredible! A&J's thinmints tasted just the way I remember those tasty Girl Scout cookies. I don't know how A&J does it, but they have found a way to make so many top-8 free treats that not only are delicious, but have the same texture as the "regular", non-allergy friendly versions! It's really quite amazing.  They clearly have mastered the art and science of allergy friendly baking, and are constantly adding to their menu. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. With an allergy friendly bakery like A&J around, my family doesn't miss out on any tasty desserts, even with food allergies!

Be sure to check out A&J's Bakery website and Facebook page

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