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07 August 2017

Food Allergy Consumer Product Review: PhillySwirl

Disclosure: Food Allergy Buzz received complementary samples of PhillySwirl for this product review.

Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cold treat from the freezer. PhillySwirl has become a go-to solution for those with top 8 food allergies in need of a frozen treat!

Philly Swirl is available at many supermarkets today and has quite a selection of frozen treats now. In July, we at Food Allergy Buzz sampled a selection of PhillySwirl treats, courtesy of our friends at PhillySwirl. We were excited to try PhillySwirl's ICEE MixItUp, Swirl Cups, Swirl Stix and Jungle Swirls. They really hit the spot on these hot summer days!

While we had enjoyed Swirl Cups and Swirl Stix previously, Jungle Swirls and ICEE Mix It Up were new to us. We enjoyed the fruit flavors in the Jungle Swirls as much as the sweet candy taste of the ICEE Mix It Ups. Also exciting, the Jungle Swirls are non-GMO too! In fact, we noticed some other new products on Philly Swirls' website are non-GMO as well. Every PhillySwirl product is so delicious, we would happily enjoy any or all of them again. In fact, we already do!

PhillySwirl is one of the few frozen treats consumers with food allergies can find in their grocer's freezer that actually states it is peanut free and made in a peanut free facility. It's extremely rare to find frozen treats that can make that claim and so state it right on the package and not just on the phone.  That's not all--the manufacturing facility for 3 out of the four products we sampled is also dairy free and gluten free, and none of the Philly Swirl products contain any high fructose syrup. The ICEE Mix It Up Stix are free of dairy ingredients but are not manufactured in a dairy free facility at this time. Every PhillySwirl product we sampled did not contain any of the top 8 most common food allergens. Moreover, all four samples were Kosher. That's pretty hard to beat!

Not only is PhillySwirl one of the most allergy friendly frozen treats on the market today, it also is available at a price that is budget friendly--usually around $2.99 for a box. And if you look at the calories, they are amazingly low calorie too--only between 40 and 50 calories each. It's a food allergy friendly win for Mom's budget (and waistline!), and you can pick them up a nearby supermarket!

The FAB Review: PhillySwirl
Dedicated facility: Yes. Some products are manufactured in a peanut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. Some products products are manufactured in a peanut-free and gluten-free facility.
Appearance: Eye-catching colors, fun packaging.
Taste: Sweet. Some flavors have a candy flavor and others fruity.
Texture: Similar to italian ice and other ice pops, but slightly more solid
Convenience: Very easy to find at supermarkets around the U.S.
Buy again? yes!

Reminder: Always check the label and ingredients to determine if a food is safe for the allergies you are managing!

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