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09 June 2021

Improv Workshops for Teens with Food Allergies

Flyer - Sloane Miller

Do you have a teenager in high school who is managing food allergies? Listen up! Here is an opportunity that may be of interest!

Sloane Miller--a licensed social worker, author, consultant, and so much more, including being someone who grew up with multiple food allergies and continues to manage them still--is piloting a new improv workshop for teens with food allergies. The workshops are on Tuesday evenings and begin June 22. They will run for 6 weeks and each session is 90 minutes long, 6:30PM - 8:00PM EST. The number of teen participants is 8; parents are included! Sloane explains the "online workshop's aim is to help teens (9th through 12th grades) with food allergies and anaphylaxis increase their interpersonal skill sets and mental coping toolbox beyond medical avoidance of their allergen, which must be strictly maintained." The fee for the workshop is $50.

For more information, visit Sloane's website

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