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Hall of Fame

This page is the future home of the FAB (short for Food Allergy Buzz!) Food Allergy Friendly Schools Hall of Fame. We established this page more than a year ago and received only 1 response, albeit a very positive one:

Hi Jennifer:   

My son (age 3 in October 2010) attends Lesley-Ellis School in Arlington, Massachusetts.  http://www.lesleyellis.org/how-we-learn   

He is severely allergic to Egg, Nuts, Peanuts, and allergic to Tomato, Garlic, Mustard.   LES (Lesley-Ellis School) is wonderful. The Head-of-School, Teachers, and School Nurse all met with me the week before school started to go over his allegies and what they could do in his preschool classroom and throughout the school to make it safe. They designated the entire school to be "Nut Free" and they asked all preschool parents to exclude egg salad/hard-boiled egg/egg sandwiches from lunch. (Cooked egg is okay for students--though not for my son.)   The school has done everything in their power to be welcoming to my son and for this LES deserves a spot in your Hall of Fame. 

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