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25 May 2008

Cross-Contaminated Drink

Take a look at this article from The Ottawa Citizen. It pertains to an allergic reaction which occurred due to cross-contamination of a drink.  I'm not usually one to pass on such stories but I keep finding myself returning to this.  What are your thoughts?


Jenny said...

See this is why we avoid smoothies, though usually because they make peanut butter blended drinks at most of the places we frequent.

I wonder if they are blaming the frozen yogurt provider unecessarily--I'd like to know if the store the smoothie was sold at also served peanut smoothies and there was cross-contam from the blender.

Thanks for the article and for reminding us that we can't be too careful!!

Lise Samson said...

We are definitely never too careful when it comes to eating in a restaurant.

Unknown said...

Jenny and Lise, Thanks for your comments! This article certainly is a good reminder that cross-contamination is a real risk, and it does happen.