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12 September 2008

Is It Really Necessary to Get A Doctor's Note for Product Information?

I can't believe I had to get a note from my son's pediatrician in order to obtain more detailed information about the inactive ingredients in OFF Mosquito Repellant.  Does anyone else think that's a little silly?  I was almost embarrassed to ask the doctor for it.  We all had a good chuckle over it. When I researched barbecue sauce ingredients a few months ago, I remember one of the barbecue sauce manufacturers also would not provide detailed information without a doctor's note.  Proprietary information, they said.  I can understand that.  But then the suspicious cynic in me wonders if maybe there's something about the product they really don't want to broadcast so they make persistent consumers like me jump through hoops in order to get the "goods".  I wonder how many people actually bother to get the doctor's note.  What do you think about all this?


Maria H said...

Many similar experiences with some big food companies. Like so many other families managing food allergies, I have to call a lot many companies because of my daughter's high garlic allergy and their insufficient labeling of "spices" in their products. Many companies will list their garlic ingredients, but I've had the same proprietorial responses from Campbells and Heinz. I have not had the same with smaller companies that list every ingredient. I've read the main reasons with food companies is that there is labeling loopholes where up to 300 chemicals are allowed under labeling terms such as "spices" and "natural flavoring". You should out Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" book, this is where I read about it. It's scary to think in addition to the paragraph of crap that is already listed that there is more they don't want to list!

Libby said...

I firmly believe that any company that sells food should be required to list every ingredient on its label, period. They should also immediately and willingly answer any questions about potential cross contamination on equipment and in facilities.

I fail to see how ANY "proprietary" information succeeds the rights and the health of the consumer.