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15 January 2009

Are You An Eclipse or Autocrat Girl?

I have always been an Autocrat girl. Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed coffee milk with Autocrat coffee syrup. You can even make another wonderful thing known as a "coffee cabinet" with Autocrat. Or should I say "cawfee cabinet"? I believe Newport Creamery used to list it as the specific variety of coffee syrup used there. I never even knew there was another brand--Eclipse--until a couple years ago. I tried it once. It has a stronger coffee flavor. Funny enough, it's now made by the Autocrat people too! Still, I prefer my sweet Autocrat syrup. It's almost a comfort food for me!

It was time to do my due diligence and verify that my beloved Autocrat is "peanut-free". The customer service rep read me the official allergen statement:

All syrups and extracts made by Autocrat do not contain whey, gluten, oats or barley. They may contain corn gluten and corn syrup.

Check. Autocrat stays on my list. (I notice the gluten content is confusing; it sounds like it's off limits for celiac.)

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