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16 January 2009

Pizzeria Uno Offers Gluten-Free Pizza Nationwide

I received Pizzeria Uno's press release today indicating that the chain will now be offering gluten-free pizza at all its locations. Previously, the gluten-free pizza was only available in certain northeast locations. According to the press release,“Consumer reaction was so positive, and the chatter so strong on gluten-free blogs and websites, that our restaurants began receiving requests to carry the new pizza,” noted Richard Hendrie, senior vice president, marketing, Uno Chicago Grill.  “Because the demand was so strong, we decided to pull out all the stops to get the gluten-free pizza into our 200 plus locations as quickly as possible.” 

I haven't found any reviews of Uno's gluten-free pizza yet. If you've had an opportunity to try it, we'd love to get your opinion! 


Anonymous said...

Just tried Uno's Gluten-Free cheese pizza last night and LOVED it. I will be back for it again.

They also have a special gluten-free menu, with a lot of other GF options.

What I loved most was that there was no uncomfortable "Does such-and-such have wheat?" "May I have this without that and this instead?" I ordered straight from a menu and it was wonderful!

Mtndog said...

It's good! Nice thin crust (I like crispy, thin crust), perfect sauce! And it tastes even better because you can order off the menu at a Pizzeria!

Vin - NaturalBias said...

As someone who doesn't do well with gluten and loves pizza, I think it's great that more places are offering gluten free options. I just recently found out about Uno's gluten free pizza and tried it for the first time last week. Overall, I was quite impressed. Here's my in depth review of it.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Vin, for your comment and the link to your review. You have a nice website/blog, BTW.