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17 July 2009

Food Allergy Buzz Videos

When we started making videos for Food Allergy Buzz, I started a YouTube Channel for Food Allergy Buzz. It seems now is an appropriate time to share the Food Allergy Buzz YouTube Channel. Unless the title or description of a video on the Food Allergy Buzz Channel states otherwise, the video was made by and for Food Allergy Buzz. The videos are housed on Jennifer Trammell's YouTube Channel also, as she is the talented creator of all the Food Allergy Buzz videos so far with the exception of my humble Bunny Hut video! It's easy to distinguish between the videos created by Jen and those created by me, lol! Jen is a rising star and we are so appreciative of her help here at Food Allergy Buzz.

If you come across the Food Allergy Buzz videos somewhere else besides YouTube and Food Allergy Buzz, please let me know! Enjoy the videos!

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