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17 July 2009

Thanks, Food Allergy Friends!

Just a quick word of thanks to everyone who reached out to me via email, Twitter and comments here yesterday in response to my post about allergy video nonsense! I very much appreciate the support.
If you are toying with adding videos to your website or blog and are new to it, here is a link to a helpful article from Hubpages about linking to and embedding videos and copyright infringement: http://hubpages.com/hub/Embed-YouTube-Videos---Copyright-Infringement

Also, I thought I should mention that a few of you wrote to say that you have noticed additional allergy websites which copy and paste content from other allergy blogs and websites. Say it ain't so! That's really not cool, guys and gals! The online food allergy community is such a great and supportive community as whole. Most of us are more than happy to help or share, if you just ask! Try it--you might be surprised! :)

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