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10 July 2009

We Want to Hear from You! #foodallergy

We're busy getting ready for the upcoming July 23 Back to School Food Allergy Twitter Party (#foodallergy) and plans are underway for autumn parties too. We've gotten such good feedback, Ruth (www.bestallergysites.com) and I plan to make it a regular event.

Now, we want to hear from you! If you are interested in being a panelist for future Twitter Parties, or would like to get on the waitlist for prize contributions (good PR for all you food allergy related entrepreneurs), or even have a request/suggestion for a theme or topic for a future party, please email me at jenniferATfoodallergybuzz.com.

It's a great way to connect from afar with the online food allergic, celiac, and gluten-free casein-free communities as well as others who are concerned about the food they're putting in their bodies.


Nowheymama said...

I had fun being a panelist last time, even though it was late at night for me!

Unknown said...

Great! I'll add you to our list of interested panelists!

We not sure what the ideal time is to schedule the parties--any preferences/suggestions for time of day? Trying to include West coast, East coast and our friends overseas if possible... :)

Unknown said...

I enjoyed being a panelist as well and would be happy to do it again.

Holidays tend to be difficult for food allergy families, so I suggest Twitter parties before Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December Holidays.

Having a theme is a great idea for future parties. A few other themes:
What are your biggest food allergy challenges?
If you could tell the world one thing about food allergies, what would it be?
Who are the most food allergy friendly restaurants, companies or other organizations?

Thanks for organizing these parties!

Unknown said...

Great--thanks! We'll put you on the list!

You read my mind. We're thinking pre-Halloween (that's a biggie) and probably just before Thanksgiving in the US, when things get really crazy in terms of food and gatherings--the big pre-New Year's build-up/Hanukkah/Xmas/Kwanzaa/sometimes Eid, etc.

Jenny said...

I'd love to be party of the holiday discussion--I have a lot of experience with this topic!


kelly said...

Me too...I really enjoyed the last twitter party!!

I love the holiday and back to school twist, also how about new prducts, ingredients, etc. to try. I would love to learn what everyone else is using/eating!