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27 January 2010

Danish Food Allergy Author Needs Volunteers

I received an email from Danish food allergy cookbook author and mom, Charlotte Peyk. Charlotte wrote a cookbook for egg-free and milk-free several years ago and is now working on a new book. She is requesting some assistance with her new book from U.S. and Canadian moms and other food allergy bakers on a volunteer basis. Specifically, she is looking for volunteers to test her recipes with "American ingredients and measurements together with some proofreading". Charlotte says "I can unfortunately not offer any reward for the testing/proofreading but I have a "Thanks to-page" in my book and I can mention names at that page."

Tempted? Me too! You can contact Charlotte directly at postATmorgenfrue.dk.


Connie said...

I can't get the email to work.

Unknown said...

Hi there Connie! I just sent a test email and Charlotte replied. Make sure you substitute the "@" symbol where I have put "AT" in her address. I put AT to help avoid spambots!

I am re-writing it here with spaces so you know what I mean. Just take the spaces out when you email Charlotte. Her address is post @ morgenfrue.dk

Thanks for helping Charlotte! :)

Connie said...

Thanks! It went though this time!!