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11 June 2010

Allergy Friendly Slush

A hot topic of discussion in our neighborhood has been slush! We should always be so fortunate as to have such light topics for conversation. The "enquiring minds" here want to know what allergy friendly slushs are out there and to which allergies they are friendly. We looked into Richie's Italian Ice Slush and Ronnie's here for our school's field day. Under allergens, Richie's listed cross contamination for "nondetectable" levels of nut allergen due to nut extracts used for flavoring. They are fat free, gluten free, and cholesterol free. I appreciated the detail available on Richie's website. The school nurse left a message at Ronnie's but did not hear back before field day, so Ronnie's remains a mystery for the moment. We brought dairy free, peanut free, and nut free Philly Swirl pops in to avoid any possible problems.

What brands do you use and which allergens are they free of? Also, don't forget to tell us whereabouts you live; so many brands are regional. Thanks!

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Col said...

I've never looked closely at those Philly Swirl pops-- I saw "Philly" and assumed cream cheese! They look awesome, we will check them out.