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26 January 2011

Make Your Voice Heard Re: Canadian Food Labeling Regs

I am still catching up on important food allergy emails. Below is one from the superb Canadian publication--enjoyed by members of the food allergy and celiac communities in both the U.S. and Canada--Allergic Living. Please take a moment to make your voice heard. 

"Dear Allergic Living registrant,
We wanted to forward this urgent communication from Anaphylaxis Canada to the food allergy and celiac communities regarding the lobbying efforts to urge the federal government to approve the proposed food labelling regulations. 
Anaphylaxis Canada writes:
As you may have seen on the weekend, several media outlets reported that the beer industry has come out in strong opposition to the proposed regulatory changes. This opposition by a powerful private interest group threatens to derail final approval of the proposed changes by the federal government. We are deeply concerned with this development and that the regulations might not be passed.   
As you know, community stakeholders have been waiting for 2 1/2 years for these regulations to be enacted – and this is on top of the 10-year campaign for such changes that preceded it. 
The public good must take precedence over powerful private interests.   
The only way to counter the influence of powerful business groups like the beer industry is to demonstrate the widespread public support for food labelling changes. We therefore seek your urgent assistance again.  
1. Please call Prime Minister Stephen Harper office at (613) 992-4211 as soon as possible.
2. Please join Allergic Living's write-in campaign: http://www.allergicliving.com/petitions/food-labelling/
3. Contact your Member of Parliament. Click here to find your local MP: http://www2.parl.gc.ca/parlinfo/compilations/houseofcommons/memberbypostalcode.aspx?menu=hoc
Please tell the Prime Minister and your MP that people with food allergies and those who shop for them need clearer food labeling on all food packages and beverage labels. 
It's a matter of life and death. And public safety is more important than private interests. 
Further to this point, the Canadian Celiac Association writes today: 
What will it take to make our government and Ottawa lobbyists understand that Canadians have a right to know if their food and drinks are safe? How many visits to the ER, how many work days lost, how many deaths will it take?
Thank you in advance Allergic Living registrants for your support.
Allergic Living magazine"

By the way, if you don't subscribe to Allergic Living, you should! Subscription information may be found here

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GwenS said...

Jen, thanks so much for spreading the word. It's a real fight to the finish to see if we can finally get clear labels in Canada. Greatly appreciate everyone's help.