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20 February 2012

Kids Art Contest for peanutfreebaseball.com

I realized recently that it's my 4th season collecting peanut-free baseball info on peanutfreebaseball.com!  I think it's about time for peanutfreebaseball.com to have its own avatar/profile image, to use on Facebook and Twitter, etc. So, why not have a contest to find the image?

I love kids' artwork. You should see my house--it's a veritable museum of my sons' creations! I think it'd be fun to use a picture drawn (or painted) by a kid who appreciates peanut free baseball games for the peanutfreebaseball.com avatar/profile image. Since avatars and profile images tend to be quite small, a simple picture without too much detail will probably look best online. I'm always amazed at the artwork kids produce! If I knew how to draw well enough, I'd do it myself, but I never progressed past stick figures! (and all my stick figures look identical; it's kinda sad.)

When the winner is announced, I would like to share the winner's name and state or province. You can tell me if you prefer using only your child's first name or initials as opposed to their full name. You'll see on the entry form, I am asking for an address as well. Depending on how many entries we receive and my own creativity, I think it'd be especially nice to send each artist an acknowledgement of their effort. (maybe a note or a certificate)

So...here's the scoop! I have put the contest entry form on Google Docs. It needs to be submitted with the entry, either electronically or via postal mail. A parent or guardian's signature MUST be on the entry form.

The contest rules are below. Good luck!!! Can't wait to see those entries!

Food Allergy Buzz & peanutfreebaseball.com's Kids Art Contest Rules  

Purpose of Rules:
The rules below will govern the Food Allergy Buzz/peanutfreebaseball.com Kids Art Contest as a means of collecting artwork that may be temporarily displayed and not returned to the artist. Artists will be asked to draw a picture that reflects the theme, "Food Allergy Friendly Baseball 2012." The website url peanutfreebaseball.com must be included somewhere on the picture.

Contest Deadlines: 
The contest will officially begin on February 20, 2012. All artists submitting an entry must submit their entry via email or regular postal mail. The email address is  jennifer[at]foodallergybuzz[dot]com.To obtain the postal mailing address, please contact me at jennifer[at]foodallergybuzz[dot]com. Entries must be received or postmarked by March 19, 2012. The winner will be announced on Food Allergy Buzz on March 30, 2012. 

Contest Eligibility:
Children who are in grades K-5 are eligible to submit an entry. 

Entries will be judged on the following three criteria:

1. Originality
2. Artistic composition
3. Content appropriateness for intended viewer

Technical requirements for design or entry:
Paper to be no smaller than 8" x 10", no larger than 9 x 12". Composition may be vertical or horizontal orientation. Artists may use any colorful medium that includes markers, paint, pastels, colored pencils, or crayon. Final piece of artwork must be two-dimensional and appropriate for mounting. All entries must be submitted with a Contest Entry Form.

Please do not mount or frame artwork. Artwork that is mounted or framed will be disqualified.

Restrictions on subject matter of entry:
The artwork must depict images appropriate for children to view. The design must be the contestant's own original creation and may not be copied, traced, or duplicated from previously published art, including photographs. Submissions must have been completed within the past year. One submission per child. Submissions may not be photocopies of the original artwork.

Selection and ownership of contest entries:
All entries selected to be displayed will become the property of Food Allergy Buzz and peanutfreebaseball.com. Artwork will not be returned to the artist.

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