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03 September 2012

Food Allergy Consumer: Soyummi Pudding

Soyummi of Montreal graciously offered us coupons to try Soyummi pudding for free. With coupons in hand, I picked up two of the only flavor the local Hannaford store had on hand--dark chocolate pudding. Poor me, stuck with dark chocolate! (kidding)
photo courtesy of soyummi.com

Soyummi's pudding comes in cute 14 ounce hexagonal boxes of 4 pudding cups. There are 5 flavors: Dark Chocolate, Tapioca, Rice, Cherry, and Lime. The puddings are labeled as "gluten-free", "dairy-free", "nut and peanut free". I learned from Soyummi that the puddings are manufactured in a dedicated facility in Ontario and they are free of all of the "big 8" except soy. They are also organic, non-GMO and all-natural. There are no trans fats, artificial flavors or preservatives. The puddings have quality ingredients and are naturally sweetened. Talk about an ideal treat for big and little kids!

I tried the dark chocolate puddings with my two sons. Our verdict? We'd like more!

The FAB Review
Dedicated facility: yes
Appearance: Cute hexagonal box. Easy to open pudding cups. Looks tasty!
Taste: Great chocolate taste. Definitely a good chocolate fix.
Texture: Smooth. Perfect and easy to eat for any age. Similar texture to Jello mousse. As expected for a non-dairy pudding--not creamy.
Convenience: Very portable snack, needs refrigeration.
Price/Value: $3.79 at Hannaford Supermarket for 4 pudding cups. That comes out to $0.94 per cup. 
Buy again? Yes

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