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10 December 2012

Food Allergy Consumer: Greenlaurel Documents - Website and Product Review

With the rise in the numbers of children with food allergies and asthma, there has been a bit of growth--and needed growth, at that!--in the number of food allergy consulting and advocacy businesses. More children with food allergies and asthma means more children needing accommodations for those conditions at school and camp. Asking for accommodations and drafting Individual Health Plans and/or 504 Plans can be daunting, but Greenlaurel Documents is a new and unique company that is going to make drafting those plans a little easier.

I had the opportunity to try out the website and create an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHCP) for my son. The website guides the user through a series of questions to determine what sort of accommodations are required for a child's allergies. The interview was very thorough and I could not think of any other areas which could be included. In fact, I learned about some possible accommodations which I did not realize were even possible. The next business day, I received an email which contained a link to download my IHCP. The accommodations were separated into two different sections: Parent's Responsibilities and School's Responsibilities. The section on School Responsibilities was broken into more detailed sub-sections including General, Classroom, School Lunch,  Gym and Recess, School Field Trips, Before and After School Activities, Substitute Teachers and Nurse's Absence. 

It is only $24.99 to create your own IHCP or 504 Plan, which I think is an extremely reasonable price. The interview is very thorough, user-friendly, and convenient. It was created by Laurel Francoeur, a food allergy mom and longtime advocate, who is also an attorney.  Laurel has been very involved in food allergy advocacy in Massachusetts, is on the steering committee for the Food Allergy Initiative, and is a support group leader for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. She also has drafted legislation in Massachusetts to permit students easier access to life-saving medications. Clearly, she is well-versed in the subject of food allergies! She and fellow MIT alum, Laurie Campos--a legal document automation expert and also a mom of child with special needs--founded GreenLaurel Documents in 2011. In addition to IHCPs and 504 Plans, they also offer Asthma Action Plans, Allergy Action Plans, and Restaurant Cards. With the increasing number of children with food allergies and asthma, GreenLaurel Documents provides a much-needed, practical and unique solution to drafting the allergy and asthma action plans and 504 plans which are critical to managing those life threatening health conditions at school and camp. Kudos to GreenLaurel for their distinctive approach to filling this need!

To learn more about GreenLaurel Documents and their services, please visit www.greenlaureldocuments.com.

Disclosure: I received an Individualized Healthcare Plan at no cost for review.

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