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06 January 2014

Buzzing Along with Food Allergies

Well, 2014 makes 6 years I have been writing Food Allergy Buzz. So much has changed since I began. Food Allergy bloggers are a dime a dozen now, and that kinda bums me out, but because there are so many of us, I can find safe food from dedicated facilities so much easier nowadays. That's a big plus! The mere idea of being able to walk in a supermarket and buy cookies or cupcakes from a dedicated facility just blows my mind away! What a fantastic improvement!
And how about an epinephrine injector that's shaped and sized like a credit card?! That's another fabulous change I've witnessed. Food allergy awareness in general has increased, there's no question about it. More people know about life threatening food allergies and more people know about the need for epinephrine injectors. Nearly everyone I meet knows someone with food allergies. If not food allergies, then they know someone with food intolerances or sensitivities. It's clear something has gone very wrong with our world because so many people have food problems of one kind or another.
Quite a lot has changed for me personally too. I've left stay-at-home-motherhood and joined the ranks of the working-out-of-home moms. Work is still fun! Not only did I return to the workforce, but I even made a career change. In my younger days, I worked in international affairs, and now I work in education. It is so incredibly gratifying! And now I have a teenager and a pre-teen...where did the time go? All good changes, though it has not been easy, and it is not still. From time to time, I wonder what would happen if I went public with my story (and what a story it is, truly a book waiting to be written).
I thought about stopping Food Allergy Buzz. I did what I had set out to do. I made a dent in the landscape, helped build food allergy awareness, helped do some community building...even got #foodallergy to top the list of trending topics during Food Allergy Awareness Week last year! Food Allergy Buzz is not really needed much anymore. It's been a labor of love, and I love my blog, and I've met so many great people through it.
I decided the only way to continue Food Allergy Buzz is to keep striving to do something unique. I don't want Food Allergy Buzz ever to be another dime in the dozen, just another food allergy blog. I admit I have a soft place in my heart for little family run companies, so when I hear from a family run food allergy friendly company, I have to share them with you. So, I guess I'll continue to keep my eyes and ears open for interesting things, and share some observations along the way.
Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy 2014!


Marie-Josee said...

Thanks for your hard work, Jennifer! I wish you the best for 2014!

Lise said...

It has been a real pleasure to read your posts. Have a wonderful 2014 and be happy!!!!

Gratefulfoodie said...

I'm glad you did not retire! I first heard about you 5 years ago and that felt so pioneering.

I don't know how you find the time to blog, work and raise two kids, but wahoo--for your success!

Don't leave the blogsphere, you are awesome as ever!