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01 July 2014

Food Allergy Bloggers: Introduce Yourselves!

When I began blogging 6+ years ago, there were other women blogging about food allergies already. Now, there were not many, but there were a few, and some of them had fantastic blogs that still exist and thrive today. To me, they were like voices in the darkness, as there was not much information about food allergies online a decade or so ago. You had to make do with what resources you could find-- a handful of books (the real kind, made out of paper), your allergist, and if you were lucky, a local support group. 

Over the years, the number of food allergy blogs has increased significantly. With so many voices, the drum of food allergy awareness has become marvelously louder; more voices singing the same message ultimately will help lead to better quality of life for individuals with food allergies. Although so many of us blog about food allergies, there really is quite a variety in the topics covered and motivations for blogging. People author food allergy blogs for different purposes: to educate, to share information or recipes, to share a story of life with food allergies and connect with others, to vent or let off steam, to promote or support a food allergy related business, to provoke controversy and discussion, etc. It is an impressive collection, to be sure.

So, food allergy friends, now that school is out for the summer and I finally have more time to write again (WHOOPEE!), I'd love to learn more about you! What brought you to the food allergy blogosphere? Obviously, you are managing food allergies for yourself or someone else, but what made you decide to blog? How long have you been blogging? What is the end-goal for your blog? How has your blog changed since starting it?

Please share! I'll start:

I love writing and wanted to both exercise my writing muscles and share information, answers to questions I encountered in this food allergy journey, which I thought would be helpful to others in similar situations. I have been blogging for 6+ years. My end-goal for my blog? I haven't decided yet. It definitely has exceeded all my expectations! :) How has my blog changed? It's really amazing--Food Allergy Buzz almost has a life of its own now. It's on G+, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels, and sometimes I feel like I actually can make a difference! Like when we got #foodallergy to trend #1 on Twitter in some locations. How cool is that?!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
-Jennifer B

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