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10 January 2015

Food Allergy Silver Lining

One of the unexpected upsides of being an elementary school student with life threatening food allergies is that sometimes your lunch and snack look so different and scrumptious, the other students are envious! It's so nice to hear my son recount a happy lunchtime story of how his classmates admired his super-gigantic food allergy safe cupcake with all the sprinkles . A few friends always join him at the allergy table with food allergy safe lunches, even though they themselves do not have food allergies. It is the sweets that catch their eyes more than the nutritional meal part of lunch, but how good it must make him feel to not only feel included, but to have a food that that draws positive attention and is appealing to the other children. Being the "food allergy kid" often means you have extraordinary food!

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