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18 April 2015

Food Allergies Rock! (Thanks Kyle Dine!)

If you have children with food allergies who are elementary school age or younger, and Kyle Dine has a concert within driving distance from you, I urge you to make plans to attend! Kyle is such a charming and engaging performer and really connects with kids. His show is educational and fun, and it's a great opportunity for children with food allergies to be surrounded by...other children with food allergies! How often does that happen?!

We had a chance to see lots of other children with food allergies, and many parents of children with food allergies too--a room full of people who truly understand food allergies. Wow!

It was such a treat to see Kyle's show today in Norwood, Massachusetts! A big thanks to Kyle for the wonderful work he does, and to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, New England Chapter for having Kyle come visit Norwood, MA.

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