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26 August 2008

More Goodies

2 items for your sweet tooth!

This month's Buzz Around New England features Gilbert's Gourmet Goodies.  I just found out that I accidentally left out a digit in the telephone number. That would certainly make it difficult to place an order!  Then, the email account was having technical difficulties and bouncing messages.  Ever have one those days? If you tried unsuccessfully to phone or email to find out more about Gilbert's or to place an order, please give it another try--the email, liz@gilbertsgourmetgoodies.com, is fixed and ready to receive your messages. And here is the telephone number to speak with Liz Gilbert directly: 203.733.8217.  Enjoy those gluten-free, wheat-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free and milk-free goodies!

This fellow, Dave, always knows about Vermont Nut Free discounts, and he's even nice enough to share the promotion code, back2school.  What a great guy--thanks Dave!  Here's the latest: 10% off Vermont Nut Free Chocolates till September 1, 2008.  Here's your chance to stock up! 

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