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27 August 2008

Peanut Butter in Insecticide (and Other Non-Food Items)

A few weeks ago, we had someone come take care of the carpenter ants which had found their way into our house. When I made the appointment, I inquired about the sorts of chemicals they’d be using.  I also asked about the use of peanut or peanut butter because I had a vague memory of some insecticides containing peanut butter.  Thankfully, the ant products did not contain peanut butter, but they told me that they do use peanut butter containing products for rodent problems.  The carpenter ants are gone, but it got me thinking: Where did I hear about peanut butter in insecticides?  

I know peanut butter’s pretty commonly used in mousetraps.  A quick search on the internet brings up a few other rodent products containing peanut butter: Maxcatch Glueboards pre-scented with peanut butter, Catchmaster peanut butter glue boards, and JT Eaton Bait Blocks peanut butter flavor, to name a few.

But there are roach traps and ant bait stations containing peanut butter.  Those of you unfamiliar with the ingredients in ant bait stations and roach traps--as I was--may be interested to know of a few peanut butter containing products: Advance 360A Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations, Catchmaster roach traps, and Raid Ant Bait III.  The label may not indicate that peanut butter is an ingredient.  Peanut butter would be considered one of the inert or inactive ingredients, so you will have to telephone or email the company to find out what the inert or inactive ingredients are.  I am not sure how much of a threat the peanut butter in ant bait or roach traps would be to my peanut allergic child, but I won’t take any chances.  There are plenty of products out there without peanut butter.  Of course, I'm hoping I won’t have any ants or roaches or other critters to get rid of for a loooong time!

**In case you are wondering about other hidden sources of peanut butter, take a look at this information from www.royaloakpeanuts.com:

"Non-Food Uses for Peanuts-Interesting Peanut Facts
The shells, skins and kernels of peanuts may be used to make a vast variety of non-food products. For example, the shells may be used in wallboard, fireplace logs, fiber roughage for livestock feed and kitty litter; and, the skins may be used for paper making. Peanuts are often used as an ingredient in other products such as detergent, salves, metal polish, bleach, ink, axle grease, shaving cream, face creams, soap, linoleum, rubber, cosmetics, paint, explosives, shampoo, and medicine."


Anonymous said...

Is there never an end to where they will hide peanuts?? Goodness!! I had not thought of this source.

I remember when Tyler was a baby, we had a carpenter ant problem in his room. They did put something that the ants got stuck in. I wonder what that was!! He was only a couple months old so I'm sure he didn't consume it but it just makes me wonder...

Great thoughts Jennifer!! We are both thinking in the "non food" sources this week!!

Unknown said...

You and I both were on the same track the other day, I think. But it's good because we have to always ask "What's in it?". You just never know. And don't forget about dogs eating PB too. It's possible a person could have some reaction to being licked by a dog that's eaten PB recently; so now we always ask "Has your dog eaten any peanut butter today?" before we pet a dog!

Jenny said...

Also--small rodent meal like hamster, gerbi or guinea pig food has peanuts in it. And you're right about dog food--my neighbor's dog licked my daughter's face and she broke out in hives! Scary but we figured it was in the dog food since their house was peanut free (their child also has nut allergies.) I'm with Robyn--where will they hide it next???

Karen said...

I found a candle made from a brazil nut!