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03 August 2008

More on Fast Food for Food Allergies

Where can you get "safe" food in a pinch?  Fast food restaurants are so convenient, but do they serve something that fits your dietary restrictions?  Well, that depends.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had some luck at a Burger King in Connecticut.  But we only have one food allergy: peanuts, and there was almost zero chance of cross-contamination in that particular situation.

How do the fast food restaurants measure up when you have other food allergies or multiple food allergies?  Robyn A. of Peanut Allergy Kid has saved us all a little trouble by providing links to the food allergen information on the websites of the major fast food chains in the U.S.  "On paper", some of these restaurants may meet your needs.  But beware!  The restaurant you visit needs to follow certain protocol to avoid cross-contamination, and sometimes shortcuts are taken which could cause cross-contamination.  Consider especially whether foods you need to avoid are fried, and if they are fried in different oil than the items you want to order.  While headquarters may be aware of the dangers of food allergies and cross contamination, the fry cook or clerk at the drive-thru may not.
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