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04 September 2008

A Back-to-School Resource from Author Linda Coss

Author Linda Coss recently published an excellent and concise article entitled "Attack of the Peanut Butter Sandwiches" explaining "why it is often necessary for schools to enact a variety of measures to keep food-allergic children safe, why it is not as simple as teaching the food-allergic children to "be careful," and why the other parents should cooperate (the “what’s in it for me?” factor)".  The article is available on her website, and she's generously granted permission to parents of food allergic children and other interested parties to download, print and/or distribute her article to help school staff and other parents better understand the unique challenges that face peanut allergic children at school.  Thank you Linda, for another excellent resource!

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Anonymous said...

Although I have wording above the article saying you need to contact me for reprint permission, that's really just there for members of the media in case, say, a magazine or newspaper wants to reprint it. Parents, etc., can feel free to distribute the article as needed.