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28 September 2008

The Rest of the Peanut-Free Candy Corn Story

Do you remember Paul Harvey? I remember hearing him on WBZ 1030 in Boston years ago. He would close by saying "...and now you know the rest of the story." Given the strong reactions to the candy corn posts, I thought it would be best to make the email messages from Blueberry Hill Foods , Peanut Free Planet , and me available online so that you will know the rest of the "peanut-free candy corn story". I finally figured out I could publish them using Google Docs. These are the links for all the emails. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

I had to come back and add one more thought after first publishing this particular post! I am somewhat saddened that the discussion on candy corn has developed the way it has here and in the emails. As consumers (and many of us parents) dealing with food allergies, we want and need to be as well-informed as possible. I wrote my original post in the hope that someone would be able to recommend candy corn made by a completely peanut free facility. Blueberry Hill--in my humble opinion--seems to be the most peanut allergy friendly candy corn currently available, and that's good to know. In addition, please note that I did not seek out Peanut Free Planet--they contacted me. In fact, I did not solicit comments from any retailers; I only sought product information from candy manufacturers.

Those of you who have emailed me and commented have made many valid points, many of which I agree with wholeheartedly. And I thank all of you for sharing your views! But I would like to make one potentially impolitic point. As imperfect as they may appear, Peanut Free Planet remains one of the few allergy friendly online stores in the U.S. I really do want food allergy friendly companies to flourish--I think we all do. Hopefully, this will be the last post on this subject and we can move onto new items! Anyone have a good pumpkin pie recipe?

If you are reading this post and wondering what all this candy corn talk is about, here are the two posts which will give you the background: The Candy Corn Mystery
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