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16 October 2008

Allergy Links

The internet is such a great vehicle for creating and extending support networks.  I learn something new from nearly every allergy blog, discussion group, bulletin board, and web site I visit.  There's just a wealth of helpful information available.  A couple of relatively new bloggers were nice enough to share their urls with me and I thought I'd pass them along to you too.  Perhaps you've already visited them?  If not, hope you will pay them a visit!  If you have any other blogs or websites that you find especially helpful, please feel free to share it with us in a comment.  Thanks!

Food Allergy Mama

Julia's Allergy Site



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much from the food allergy mama (kelly)! seriously though, after going 6 years with only knowing a handful of other moms who deal with food allergies every day i am so happy and grateful to find so many other moms and blogs that such fabulous advice. i don't know why i didn't go looking sooner. if anyone is interested in sharing their link with me (like foodallergybuzz so graciously has already done) i'd love to know...because i am learning so much from you, and would love to link your info to my readers. thanks so much again for the very kind recommendation. :)

Anonymous said...

I have an extremely extensive, well-organized collection of food allergy links (about 6 pages in all!) at my website, www.FoodAllergyBooks.com. Come take a look!

PAInfo said...

I've searched all over your blog but find no mention of the FREE support boards at




Since that site is one you do frequent to share and research for info, please remember to link to us and cite us when we are your source.


Unknown said...

Thanks, ajasfolks, for stopping by and for your comment! You are correct--I do visit allergy.hyperboards.com. My primary purpose is for tips on safe foods for my own peanut allergic child. However, I did post on the Allergy Hyperboards and peanutallergy.com to invite people to vote in my little "Peanut-Free Definition Polls". (I'll give you the link so you can find it easily.) I also am working on a post about home-based bakeries and asked if anyone could recommend such a bakery. I received a few helpful recommendations.

A post here entitled Results of the Peanut-Free Definition Polls, had a comment from me citing the Allergy Hyperboards. Here is a link to that post: http://www.foodallergybuzz.com/2008/10/results-of-peanut-free-definition-polls.html. I cited both the Allergy Hyperboards and peanutallergy.com. When and if I write about the home-based bakeries, I will again cite allergy.hyperboards.com.

Maybe you were unable to find the Allergy Hyperboards mentioned because it was in a comment and not in the main text of the post itself. Or perhaps, it is because I mentioned it by the name of the website and not the url. For anyone unfamiliar with allergy.hyperboards.com, it is a site/bulletin board well worth visiting. LOTS of good info on good and bad experiences with different foods, manufacturers, schools, etc. A wealth of information for the food allergic and their friends and families!

PAInfo said...

Thanks so much for pointing me to the places where we Food Allergy Support do have mention! Finding the links and references to us was hard as I was watching for the blue fully-clickable links. (Hyperboards is the name of our host, but not our support group.)

We'd sure appreciate being linked in your permanent Food Allergy Resource section too!

Thanks again,


Unknown said...

Done! Food Allergy Support (www.foodallergysupport.com) is now listed among the resources in the right sidebar. :)