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15 October 2008

Can a Bakery Be All Things to All People?

During the last few months, I have noticed a few bakeries around the U.S. which market their products to individuals with food allergies but also make products containing some of the 8 most common food allergens.  For example, a bakery has a selection of products for peanut allergic individuals but also manufactures peanut butter cookies.  Likewise, some bakeries make dairy-free items as well as dairy-containing items.  This raises a number of questions for me, including:

  • What do others think about this genre of bakery?
  • It is possible to prevent cross-contamination in such situations?
  • Are worries about cross-contamination blown out of proportion?
  • Should allergen-free claims at bakeries be regulated?  If so, how?
What do you think? 
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