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09 October 2008

What Next? Food Allergy Friendly Board Games?

An entertaining food allergy blog which I visit regularly is Comments from the Peanut Free Gallery. Jennifer (of the Peanut Free Gallery) finds these odd uses of peanuts and writes funny commentaries about them.  I enjoy them!  

I wonder what she would say about this game I found in a toy catalog which came in Wednesday's mail!? I feel a little silly admitting this, but when I saw this game--"Count Your Peanuts! Math Game"--I thought "Blech!"  I had to remind myself that a few years ago, I would not have given the game and its peanuts a second thought.  Isn't it funny how food allergies change your perspective?  Is it just me?  What do you think?  Maybe we should send in suggestions for alternatives.  (joking) What else do elephants eat?
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