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16 November 2008

CBS Article Helping Build Awareness

CBS.com recently ran an article entitled Baking and Cooking with Food AllergiesThe article discusses wheat, milk and egg allergies, foods to avoid, label reading and lists of food substitutes. It's a good quick guide to those three allergies and provides basic information to the non-allergic reader. 

Since my family doesn't have these allergies, I don't feel I am in a good position to judge how good the lists are. It seems like a potentially good article to have handy for educating friends and family. What do you think?


Col said...

It's pretty good! As a mom of a celiac kid, I would have preferred that they not include any recipes with gluten at all. Too confusing, especially since they don't mention celiac disease by name.

Also, in the egg list, they should have mentioned any baked good with a shiny surface-- pies, rolls, calzones, etc-- that may indicate the use of an egg wash.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I'll go over and check this out! We've got 2 of the 3. Thanks for the link!