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17 November 2008

Auto Injector Training for Restaurant Staff

One of the current topics under discussion on Digest This is auto injector training for restaurant staff. What do you think? In many locations around the U.S., school teachers, administrative staff and bus drivers are all trained to administer an epi-pen in an emergency situation. Are there other professions where contact with the public warrants training in administering an auto injector? Is this going too far?


Anonymous said...

absolutely agree with this! especially in any establishments that serve or handle food.

Karen said...

First Aid trainning should be apart of restaurant trainning.

First Aid training should include epi pens, burns, CPR all possible or likely in a resturant.

My fist aid coarses included epi training electrical burns, CPR and more. First aid trainning is manitory in many jobs in Canada, and epi training is a part of that.