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03 November 2008

Clothing to help young food allergic children advocate for themselves

Photo courtesy ALERT Clothing Co.

Fellow blogger, Jenny, over at The Nut-free Mom Blog, recently had a post about the ALERT Clothing Company. I agree with Jenny--these shirts (and tote bags) are a great idea, helping make adults aware of food allergies for children who are still to young to advocate for themselves. The email from the founder of ALERT Clothing Company provides a wonderful description of the clothing and the purpose behind them.  Take a look:

Dear Jennifer,

     Hello- My name is Rebecca Nelson and my concern is food Allergies in children. Two of my three children suffer from food allergies so I understand the concerns of a parent with this issue. According to (FAAN) The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network the numbers are 1 in 17  estimated to be about 3 million children. A parent cannot be present constantly (pre-school, camps...) and a two, three or four year old cannot be depended upon to relay their food allergy message to all. I watched my child in a pre-school classroom- they are very busy! I had to think of a way to keep him safe in school. So, I designed ALERT Clothing Company with the child in mind. Bright, cheerful, colorful graphics and the message of food allergies included on each t-shirt, sweatshirt and tote bag. The company logo is also on the back of every item for easy identification as well. In a busy classroom teachers, volunteers and caregivers are thankful because food is an issue daily. My goal is to raise awareness, help the teachers with the identification of food allergies and have the child feel special too! ALERT Clothing Company supports FAAN. Please visit our website to learn more www.alertclothingcompany.com. I appreciate your time -enjoy today!

My Best,
Rebecca Nelson

Kudos to Rebecca--"mom-preneur" and founder of an food allergy conscious company--for a great idea! The shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags may be purchased directly from the Alert Clothing Company at www.alertclothingcompany.com. They are also available at The Allergy Free Shop online or at their Miami location.  Current prices are $18.99 for a short sleeve shirt, $22.50 for long sleeve, $26.00 for a sweatshirt and $19.50 for a tote bag. The ALERT Clothing Company is headquartered in Georgia.


Anonymous said...

This is great! Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

You're most welcome.