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19 November 2008

What's with the Markup on Cherrybrook Kitchen Mixes?

OK. Is it me? Am I crazy? What is with the markup on specialty foods targeted to those with food allergies?! I just got back from the supermarket--Shaw's Supermarket, to be precise--and they have those big yellow SALE tags under the Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes.  The price? $6.29. Are they kidding? That's the discounted price with my handy-dandy Shaw's card? Gee, what a deal!  It's a whopping 50 cents less than the regular $6.79.  That, my friends, is what we call highway robbery. It's outrageous!  

So what do we do?  I really am not keen on getting membership in another online service for allergy coupons, even if it's free. I get LOTS o' email already. Plus, I already get them straight from the manufacturers. I suppose we can skip buying the mix and then make cake from scratch. Then, Shaw's will stop carrying it eventually...and who knows what will happen. We really need products like CBK's cake mixes and cookie mixes. Did you read Jenny's post yesterday on the Nut Free Mom Blog?  Maybe we need to let CBK know that they need to encourage the stores carrying their products to lower the prices a smidge. Here's a link to the CBK comment page: http://www.cherrybrookkitchen.com/talktous/customercomments.php.  Maybe we should be complaining to the supermarkets.  Does anyone else see super high prices on CBK at their local supermarket?  If so, which supermarket and whereabouts (not necessary to be too specific on location)?

Does CBK even know that it's marked up by at least 3 dollars? With today's economic climate, that's a good way to lose customers. C'mon guys, throw us food allergy families a bone, will ya? We may have to go without or bake from scratch. (Thank goodness I got some on the cheap at Ocean State Job Lot, eh?)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I just saw the end aisle sale of cbk boxes, and the sale price was 2 for $8....it is truly ridiuclous. i understand cbk has to cover their expenses, and i can appreciate that. but my grocery bills are crazy as it is with four kids...buying an allergen free box of cake mix that is twice as much as traditional mixes is hard on the budget. i am a baker, so i don't rely on the mixes but in a pinch they're great. thanks for the link to cbk...

hopeng said...

Cherry Brook Kitchen mixes are on sale and ringing up as $2.99 at Ocean State Job Lot. I went to one and all they had was the yellow cake mix. I went to another and they had the brownie and chocolate chip cookie mixes. I stocked up!

Unknown said...

Wow, again! That's great! I spotted them at Ocean State Job Lot in late November as well. (See http://www.foodallergybuzz.com/2008/11/cherrybrook-kitchen-mixes-on-sale.html) Thanks for the tip!