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26 February 2009

Ticket Form for Toronto Bluejays' Peanut/Nut Reduced Games

As you know, we're actively following the schedule of "peanut-free" baseball games for the 2009 season. Recently, we shared information pertaining to upcoming peanut/nut reduced zone Toronto Bluejays games. If you are interested, we have received the form you will need to purchase those tickets. It is available online at Bluejays Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone Games.

The schedule and ticket ordering information for peanut/nut reduced zone games for the Toronto Bluejays follows:

To reserve your tickets now, contact Andrew Haley with the Blue Jays (order form attached):


Sunday, April 19 1:07 vs Oakland Athletics

Sunday, May 17 1:07 vs Chicago White Sox (long weekend)

Thursday, June 4 12:37 vs Los Angeles Angels

Saturday, July 18 1:07 vs Boston Red Sox

Saturday, August 8 1:07 vs Baltimore Orioles

Saturday, September 5 1:07 vs New York Yankees (long weekend)

Note: The executive lounge may not be available for all the games. If not a suitable replacement site will be selected. Other dates could be added depending on demand.

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