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27 February 2009

What If You Choose to Cook Your Meals on Vacation?

At long last, I am finally starting to think about our annual summer trip. It's about a 10 hour drive each way and we stop about halfway to give ourselves and the kids a break, and to see something educational and/or entertaining that we don't ordinarily do at home the rest of the year. Each year, I try something new with regard to meals too. Although it's more work for me personally, I feel less stressed if I bring as much food as I can for my peanut allergic son (and the rest of us) to eat since unfamiliar restaurants can be more challenging than familiar ones at home. He seems to react to invisible trace amounts of peanut, and hard to find a restaurant that is peanut-free. We do eat out a few times on the road, and it's been fine, but there is very little to choose from at our destination and to some degree, I feel like we've just been lucky more than anything.

To make matters worse, the relatives we visit do not understand food allergies at all. They believe he will just grow out of the peanut allergy--and wouldn't it be nice?--and they definitely do not understand that an allergic reaction could be fatal. I plan to cook some meals there at their house so I can control what my son eats and monitor food preparation. These relatives are serious peanut butter eaters--last summer, I saw auntie with a huge spoon full of peanut butter in one hand and a jar of Jiff in the other. I would have felt better if she'd at least waited till we went to the hotel for the night so I hadn't seen it!

So here's my question: are any of you avid campers? If so, what are some easy kid-friendly recipes with few ingredients that would be easy to whip up in the summer heat on the road? We do a crock-pot meal at our relative's house but that takes care of only one meal and frankly, it's almost too hot and steamy in the summer to use that thing. Mac n'cheese comes to mind, sandwiches, but what else? I need to get my mind in a camping /picnic sort of mindset for a week's worth of meals, I think, and I'm coming up blank right now. Got any quick n'easy camp recipes or names of camping/picnic recipe books to get me started?
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