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19 March 2009

March 19 Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival

Welcome to the March 19, 2009 edition of Living with Food Allergies Carnival. It's the last one left before the official start of spring this year! The last week or two have been heavy with allergy news, so we start with a few allergy news posts, then a couple observations on life with food allergies and finish with some fun recipes.

Allergy News

Joe E presents Possible New Cure for Peanut Allergy Sufferers | Promote Health posted at Promote Health, saying, "A promising new treatment for peanut allergy sufferers has been discovered by British researchers."

Amy Leger
presents Wellshire Company’s Gluten-Free Nuggets Back in Stores posted at The Savvy Celiac, saying, "Three months off store shelves, now Wellshire Family of Products unleashes it’s updated version of the company’s gluten-free Chicken Bites. Find out about the changes the company is making to ensure the gluten-free status of its a popular product."

Ruth Smith presents Do Allergies Have an Economic Impact on Families? posted at Best Allergy Sites, saying, "Hi Jenn, thought I'd finally submit to the blog carnival. Thanks for inviting me."
Jennifer B presents Sesame Allergy on the Rise posted at Food Allergy Buzz.

Life with Food Allergies

Christy Matte
presents The Food Allergy Goes to Preschool posted at More than Mommy.

Libby presents Contact Reaction to Hair Conditioner posted at The Allergic Kid, saying, "Since I can't be a good example of parenting with food allergies this week, I'll have to serve as a horrible warning! Things went terribly wrong when we used a new product and The Kid had a contact reaction on his skin. To top it off, I took an unsavory tour of the ingredient label."


Speedbump Kitchen presents Creating an Egg-Free Egg posted at Speedbump Kitchen, saying, "How about a recipe for some dairy/egg/nut/soy/wheat-free Cadbury Creme Eggs, just in time for Easter!"

Nowheymama presents When Irish Mouths Are Eating posted at No Whey, Mama, saying, "A mustard sauce recipe for your leftover corned beef--or for your Easter ham"

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Halfpintohoney said...

If you're looking for some great Gluten Free Desserts, there are a couple of great ones here!! As well as a few links to some really great allery websites!! We all know how hard it can be to live with food allergies!!