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17 April 2009

Accommodations Too Extreme?

Did you see this article--Rules to Protect allergic student upset some in Placer--about a school making accommodations for a child with food allergies? One of the accommodations was that the child's classmates would wash their hands when necessary and now some of the children have developed dry, cracked skin and sores on their hands! Something just doesn't sound right about this. My initial reaction was focused on the attempt to accommodate by an easy effort--hand washing--but...sores from hand washing? What in the world is in that soap?!

My son's preschool has the children wash their hands upon entering the classroom and before eating snack, helpful for the food allergic child, but it's also just good hygiene. You know how germ filled those younger grades are. How could anyone be opposed to hand washing? But I must ask again--what in the world is in that soap? Just for the record, it doesn't need to be heavy duty soap or even anti-bacterial to remove germs and allergens. It just needs to be plain old soap, and using it can make all the difference in the world...

Thanks to the school for trying to protect that food allergic child. Now let's try to get a milder soap in there and maybe lower that water temperature a smidge!
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