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14 July 2009

Pet Peeve--The Allergy Friendly Bandwagon

I have to share some food allergy pet peeves!

You know those companies that are trying to appear allergy friendly? You know the ones--they don't really do anything extra to their products to make them allergy friendly. Their labels haven't been written to be allergy friendly either. Nonetheless, because their product happens to not contain a major allergen, they try to jump on the allergy friendly bandwagon. For some reason, that gets under my skin. That and the broad statement so many manufacturers give when we call or write to inquire about the presence of certain allergens in their products or their manufacturing facility. I am sure you've heard it--"We follow the FDA" blah blah "8 most common allergens" blah blah. That information really isn't helpful! I don't know about you, but I certainly expect and hope that U.S. food manufacturers follow federal regulations. I don't think they deserve special attention because they label the way they are supposed to according to FDA regulations!

Unfortunately, I don't find that the regulations require these manufacturers to provide enough detailed information. It is those manufacturers that go above and beyond what is required that deserve extra credit. One company that goes above and beyond in their labeling is Amy's. All the information I need is right there on the package! And...it is actually something I can buy at the supermarket and not special order online! How often does that happen?! There are others as well. Let's see how many I can think of off the top of my head...

Cherrybrook Kitchen
Enjoy Life
Pamela's Products
Philly Swirl

I am already stumped. Maybe I need more coffee! What other really food allergy friendly manufacturers can you think of whose products are available at the supermarket and have great allergen labeling?
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