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27 July 2009

Twin Oaks - Quintessential Rhode Island

For me, it is difficult to think of a restaurant that is more representative of Rhode Island than Twin Oaks. When I step through those doors, it is like being zapped back to my childhood 30 years ago. The dark wood tables and chairs, high back benches with the shiny, firm polyurethane cushioning, it has not changed. The fare is italian food, and some steak and seafood. It is a casual restaurant where the friendly, professional waiters donned in black vests, black pants, white shirts, attend to your party's needs like a well-oiled machine.

I called in advance to inquire about the presence of peanuts and peanut oil and to feel them out. I have eaten there before, but not with my peanut allergic child. That changes everything. They connected me to the kitchen and I was informed that no peanuts or peanut oil are used, the children's menu is "safe", and dessert might be something to avoid due to the presence of nuts. When we arrived, we informed our waiter of the peanut allergy and he gave us the same information as the gentleman on the telephone. We ordered chicken fingers and french fries, the fall back restaurant meal for so many kids,  and the waiter confirmed with the kitchen that the chicken fingers would be a safe choice for someone with peanut allergy. It was safe and tasted great! We decided to skip the bread since it is brought in from an Italian bakery in Providence and there was no way to know what else is baked in that bakery, but the chicken fingers were so tasty, my son forgot all about the bread. It was a great meal, and from the peanut allergy perspective, it passed with flying colors.

Twin Oaks is located at 100 Sabra St, Cranston, RI 02910, The telephone number is (401) 781-9693 and the website is www.twinoaksrest.com. Twin Oaks is known to have incredibly long lines at dinner, so I would recommend arriving early to avoid the crowds if you have children or don't have the time or patience to wait. It's a great traditional Italian family restaurant.


Lynn said...

You're right -- Twin Oaks is quintessentially Rhode Island (and delicious!). I wouldn't dare go there with my son now, since he's wheat-, egg-, milk-, nut-, and sesame-allergic, but I'm glad they were so accommodating to you. I know people who eat there often who are allergic to shellfish too.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment!

That's actually impressive. I am not sure I would have gone back with my son if he had a shellfish allergy, but I thought peanuts were not too likely to be present. Apparently, they are not one of the Italian restaurants using peanut oil for frying. (Thank goodness!) It certainly would be difficult, if not impossible, with your son's allergies. Eating out is so rare for us, my 5 y.o. son thought it was "fancy". :)

Jenny said...

It was great to read this story and it reminded me of our great time in Lake Geneva.

Glad everybody had fun and was safe!