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12 August 2009

Food Allergy Buzz Asks: What's in Your Safe Snack Stash?

I am in full back to school mode now, getting what we need so we are prepared on that first day. One child needs stationary supplies, colored pencils, wide lined paper, and the other needs epipens, allergy plans, asthma plans, an inhaler, and a stash of safe snacks.

Last year, I included Homefree Cookies and Pirate's Booty among other things in our safe snack stash. I'm hoping to mix it up a bit, so I thought I would check with my food allergy friends to see what they usually include or recommend. Other than allergy friendliness, shelf life is key, of course! Please share your safe snack stash tips in a comment below, along with a reminder of which allergens your child is avoiding. Please feel free to include a link if you've got this covered in a post on your own blog. If you are a manufacturer and feel your products are perfect for a safe snack stash, please comment and remind us!

I am looking forward to seeing what we come up with!
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