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13 August 2009

Food Allergy Buzz Looks for Answers re: Epipens on School Buses

Hands down, one of the best food allergy resources I have found is the wisdom and experience of food allergy families who've already been where I am. Today I have a question from a Food Allergy Buzz reader, and I have no answers at all to give her, having no experience with this particular situation. We live only 1/10th of a mile away from our school, so busing is not an issue for us--we're "walkers". I am cutting, pasting most of her email below.

We are still running into trouble when it comes to the bus company. The principal stated that no medications at all are allowed on school buses, per the school bus company policy. No epi-pens, no inhalers, no insulin aparatus, etc. The bus company is First Student...The thing that is troubling...is that we cannot be the only parents out there encountering this issue, but people must be just agreeing to follow this rule because neither of us has heard anything otherwise. Are there any towns in MA that allow epi-pens on buses?

Does anyone have any experience with the issue of epipens on school buses that they'd be willing to share? In Massachusetts or elsewhere?

FYI, here is a 2008 article from the Newburyport News about epipens and the inability of bus drivers to administer them: Father Pushes to fill school bus safety "gap". Urges Epipen training for drivers after son's allergy went untreated.

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