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08 September 2009

The Buzz Around New England: Allergy Essentials USA

Photos courtesy of Allergy Essentials USA

A few months ago, Alison DiBiasio of Allergy Essentials USA contacted me to introduce the Allergy Essential line of Epissentials epipen carriers and food allergy place mats. Alison resides in Rhode Island and has two children with multiple food allergies. She designed these great accessories to simplify managing food allergies away from home. Food allergy moms rock, don't they?!

The Allergy Essentials place mats come in a variety of fabric designs suitable for boys and girls, and are constructed of a special fabric to prevent soiling. The front of each place mat has two pockets--one for epipens and a second for benadryl or wipes. The mats all bear a patch with the words Food Allergy to help alert others. They may be wiped down and also washed on delicate in a washing machine, and are an eye-catching, environmentally friendly way to keep your eating surface free of offending allergens at the school cafeteria and other locations away from home. The place mats retail for $12.99.

The Epissentials epipen carriers are a particularly clever and practical design. They are constructed out of neoprene and attach with velcro straps to one's leg, so they can be discretely carried under clothes. I tried a small size carrier; it's comfortable and lightweight, excellent for wearing during athletic activities or throughout the day at work or school. I think this carrier is especially ideal for those who need to carry epipens but want a more discrete manner in which to do so--a perfect solution for athletes and fantastic for men and boys, since a shoulder bag is not ordinarily an option.

The epipen carriers come in 6 designs and two sizes (small-medium and medium-large). There are also two models, a single carrier and double carrier. All are currently $19.99 in the Allergy Essentials back-to-school sale (good through October 31, 2009) and ship for free in the continental United States.

To view all of Allergy Essentials' products, please visit http://allergyessentialsusa.com/. Take a look for back-to-school supplies or for an early holiday purchase. For questions or comments, please telephone 888.741.0240 or email AlisonATallergyessentialsusa.com.

Allergy Essentials is a sponsor of Food Allergy Buzz.

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