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05 September 2009

Great Allergen Warning Spotted at Dunkin Donuts

We ought to reward companies that make an effort to have clear easy-to-find allergen warnings. This morning, I had to get a coffee at Dunkin Donuts and while there, I spotted this great allergen warning at the drive thru. Great job, Dunkin Donuts people!!


Lynn said...

Good one. Dunkin Donuts has that annoying "all of our products may contain any allergen" type statement on their door (paraphrasing), which used to irk me to no end. Your post reminds me of the bags of peanuts we'd get on planes that say "contains peanuts".

Unknown said...

LOL! I hear you! This is why we never buy their donuts; can't afford the risk. That reminds me of how one time, an Olive Garden restaurant told us that EVERYTHING in their restaurant might have peanuts! Hmm, peanuts in the water too?!

I do like seeing these signs though. Some awareness (even overkill) is better than the alternative!