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16 November 2009

At Whole Foods in Cambridge, MA

Another truly peanut-free and nut-free (with dedicated facility!) snack available at Whole Foods in Cambridge, MA, these cookies are made by Treasure Mills of Canada. They come individually wrapped and even have instructions for freezing. Last but not least--they taste pretty good too! Woo-hoo! That increases the number of super-safe peanut-free cookie brands nearby to 5! We can find ready-to-eat cookies from Cherrybrook Kitchen, Dare, Enjoy Life, Homefree, and now Treasure Mills in Boston area stores. Keep 'em coming!


Karen said...

Their has been some allergic reactions in the past to this product to milk protein. Some lines are supposed to be milk free. Their has also been some other concerns in Canada about Treasure Mills products. Fewer stores lately, have been selling them in our area in Canada.

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Lisita said...

Horray! So glad to see a great product like this. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Dirty machines, rotten eggs, moth infested flour all knowingly used in this so-called product.
They have been reported to the CFIA, the board of health as well as the labor board.
I would stay away from anything that comes out of this nasty place!